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Stalos is located 7km west of Chania, between Galatas and Agia Marina. Like the wider area, Stalos is well developed and attracts a large number of visitors each summer. Kato Stalos, which is the coastal part of Stalos, has a fantastic sandy beach. The beach is very well organized and is providing all the possible touristic services. For this reason, the beach is awarded every year with blue flag. Pano Stalos, located 150m souther, is a beautiful village, surrounded by green hills and amazing formations of rocks. Stalos is an ideal place to stay for holiday.

It is close to the city of Chania (15 minutes drive) and offers all necessary services to its visitors. There are also regular bus services to the city of Chania.

According to one Cretan legend, Stalos got its name from Talos, the bronze giant that circled the island three times per day and protected it from the enemies. It was believed that Talos had his home in Stalos. However, it is more possible to have been taken after the Greek verb stalizo, that means stop for resting. Here, the locals shepherds stopped with their flocks so as to rest or get stalled. Note that the English word stall has the same Greek origin.

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